Laboratory of Microbiology Oceanography

Laboratory of Microbial Oceanography not only has many advanced instruments for routine cell culture ,biochemical analysis and anaerobic operation,including ultra-violet and visible spectrophotometer,Nanodrop,Fluorescence microscope,ultrasonic cleaner, Ultrasonic Cell Disruption System, real-time qPCR, AKTA Explorer protein purified system, HPLC and Anaerobic Chamber Workspace, as well as other a series of independently developed instruments and equipment for deep-sea microbial collection and culture analysis, including Deep-Sea Cold Seep/Hydrothermal Vent Simulation System, Pressure-Retaining Deep-Sea Sediment Sampler, etc. Deep-Sea Cold Seep/Hydrothermal Vent Simulation System is designed for in vitro simulation on extreme deep marine ecosystems by controlling the environmental parameters such as substrate composition, gas partial pressure, incubation temperature, hydraulic retention time; Pressure-Retaining Deep-Sea Sediment Sampler is equipped with “Sea-Dragon 3500” ROV, consisting of sediment push core, pressure retaining container, automatic sealing unit and supporting structure. It can be integrated with the Deep-Sea Cold Seep/Hydrothermal Vent Simulation System to apply sampling and incubation of deep-sea sediment without depressurization. Laboratory has built the coverage of deep-sea all depth simulation and training system platform, cultivation ways including flow and static cultivation, mild operating mode including self-control portable two kinds, basically met the researchers in a laboratory simulation of deep-sea extreme environment and culture research.

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