Polar Glacier Change and Ice-Ocean Interaction: Case Study of Mertz and Drygalski Ice Tongue in Antarctica
发布日期: 2020/06/03


时间:13:00-14:00 ,周五,2020年6月5日


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Global warming and ocean circulation changes have posed substantial threat to Greenland and Antarctic glaciers, which are melting rapidly and have triggered 14 mm sea level rise from 2003 to 2019. Glaciers in Antarctica are losing ice to ocean primarily through two processes: iceberg calving and basal melting of ice shelves/tongues. Therefore, to better understand and predicate future sea level rise, it is urgent to monitor three-dimensional changes of glaciers in Antarctica. In this presentation, Mertz and Drygalski Ice Tongue will be taken as example to study an iceberg calving process and how ocean melts ice tongue respectively in East Antarctica. Remote sensing and satellite altimetry are primarily used to detect Mertz Ice Tongue changes before and after calving in 2010. By further investigation on the ice-seafloor interaction, a calving cycle of approximately 70 years caused by seafloor shore, Mertz Bank has been revealed. The ice-ocean interaction is conducted around a similar long ice tongue, Drygalski Ice Tongue which is close to China’s fifth Antarctic Research Station in Ross Sea. In-situ measurement from Global Positioning System (GPS), Autonomous Phase-sensitive Radio-Echo-Sounder (ApRES), oceanographic mooring and computer modeling are used to study the ocean forcing of Drygalski Ice Tongue. Rapid basal melting of Drygalski Ice Tongue front has been detected in austral summer, which is likely triggered by seasonal intrusion of Antarctica Surface Water to the cavity formed by Drygalski Ice Tongue and seafloor. Glacier calving and ice-ocean interaction are important processes to understand sea level changes, the rapid change of which can be shown from observations from space, land surface to ocean. However, to better understand the driving forces of the environmental changes, multi-disciplinary knowledge of remote sensing, computer science, glaciology, oceanography and atmosphere science are required.



王显威,博士,目前在纽约大学阿布扎比分校 (New York University Abu Dhabi)全球海平面变化研究中心(Center for global Sea Level Change)担任Research Scientist(2015.10-现在)。王显威于2012年6月毕业于中国科学院遥感应用研究所,曾先后在北京师范大学 (2012.9 -2014.11)、俄亥俄州立大学 (2013.2-2013.7)以及纽约大学阿布扎比分校(2013.10-至今)工作。王显威教育背景为测绘遥感与地理信息系统,他的主要研究兴趣为遥感在地球科学研究中的应用,主要侧重全球气候与海洋变化背景下的极地冰川变化及冰川-海洋交互作用。他主要采用光学遥感、雷达遥感和高度计数据探测南极和格陵兰岛冰川的三维立体变化,并且结合冰川实地测量数据、周围大气、海洋观测数据以及耦合模型进行冰川-海洋交互作用研究。王显威分别于2009-2010 (2016-17、2018-19和2019-20)随中国(韩国)南极科学考察队参与中国中山站(韩国Jang Bogo站、Thwaites冰川)周围的南极科学考察,并于2017、2019年随纽约大学大气海洋研究中心参加格陵兰岛东西两岸Helheim与Jakobshavn冰川-海洋实地观测项目,具有丰富的极地科学考察研究经验。 他在AGU, EGU, IUGG 以及IGS 组织的国际会议上多次进行口头报告以及展报交流,担任Remote Sensing of Environment等10个国际SCI期刊审稿人,在The Cryosphere以及Remote Sensing of Environment等期刊发表文章23篇。

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